Happy Spring!!

Radial Balance

Fifth graders practiced their Japanese origami skills in creating these radial balance relief sculptures. They are mesmerizing!


Third graders recently learned about facial proportion.  As they looked in individual mirrors, they sketched their features on their papers.  They then experimented with mixing tempera paints to create individual skin-tones, and painted the faces.  The next week, students painted their hair, features, and shadows.  The final session, students used water-soluble oil pastels to create a textured background.


Well, fourth graders absolutely loved creating their UglyDolls!  After seeing a brief history and examples of them, they created paper patterns, selected fabric, and constructed the dolls.  Somewhere between stuffing and embellishing the dolls we were interrupted with Spring Break, testing, and a play rehearsal.  Needless to say some classes didn't quite finish but the students loved them nonetheless!